Aligning Goals

We work with you to ensure the coaching program advances your company’s strategic goals

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Aligning your coaching program with your business goals.

We know that business impact is the number one priority for your leadership development, and we are focused on ensuring that your coaching program is designed to drive change in behaviors that matter for your company’s success.  We work with you to develop a program that ties to your business goals.

It’s About You

Your non-executive leaders are the ones who translate your business strategy into day-to-day activity, and they manage most of the relationships that make up your culture. We help you bring your strategy to them.

Company Needs Analysis

We work with you to understand your business goals and to help understand what leadership skills are needed to move your goals forward. We also understand from you what great leadership looks like in your company, and apply your leadership competency model if applicable.

Leader Gap Analysis

We work with you to understand each leader’s strengths and growth opportunities, and to identify skill gaps that are limiting the leader’s ability to advance your company’s goals We administer 360s or engagement surveys if appropriate and analyze performance reviews and your feedback.

Program Development

We work with you to build a program to address company-wide growth areas or individual development needs for each leader, and we focus the coaching program around these areas. Drive broad organizational themes by coaching all leaders on them and focus on individual leader growth with topics selected specifically for each leader.


During the coaching program, we survey participants and coaches to get their feedback on their progress on the critical leadership skills. We also monitor engagement to ensure leadres are participating fully.

charity: water expands their culture of growth with Careerwave coaching.

Careerwavecharity: water leadership development coaching with careerwave worked with charity: water on a coaching program to advance charity: water’s company vision of developing world-class development opportunities for their team members.

All participating charity: water leaders were coached on talent development, feedback and topics appropriate for the leader.  charity: water’s Head of People and Culture Jaclyn Mack talks about how Careerwave enhanced their growth culture and helped improve their managers’ performance.

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