Curt haCurt Mandell 2015_portraits a passion for leadership development, helping people lead authentically, from a place of purpose, values and vision.   Curt partners with the coachee to co-design a strong  working alliance, which enables trust  and honest, open  conversations.   Ingrained ways of thinking are challenged  and  new possibilities are opened.  Curt uses inquiry to expand the leader’s perspectives regarding  critical issues, and an action-learning model to apply and a gain feedback regarding the changes implemented. Curt provides the support for the leader to ‘lean in’ and make bold, confident moves.  Self-awareness is strengthened, creative solutions are implemented, learning is deepened, and capabilities are expanded.

Curt has over 25 years of leadership experience  managing  various functions including  Information Technology, Operations, Marketing, Quality, Strategic Planning and Organizational Development.  He has worked with C-suite and the Board of Directors in coordinating strategic planning and in initiating projects to drive efficiencies. Curt has expertise in change management, having led a number of strategic and global initiatives.   He has coached leaders at all levels to expand their range and capabilities.     Curt has also taught Organizational Behavior and Management of Change at the University of San Francisco.