jaclyn-mackHere at charity: water we are lucky to have amazing staff that we continually try to grow and develop. For some, this development means becoming new managers. That is why we were so excited when we learned about Careerwave, to continue to develop and grow these new managers skills to support them in their new roles.

We worked with Careerwave because our vision and values stress the importance of growth and learning for our employees. We saw the chance for junior and mid-level managers to work one-on-one with a leadership coach as a unique and powerful opportunity.  Our managers were excited to work with high-level coaches and saw this program as a real sign of our commitment to their development.

With Careerwave, we experienced great growth in our managers’ performance.  We measure engagement and leader performance regularly, and employees who participated in the Careerwave program experienced meaningful growth in their skills and performance as reported by their teams.

This impact of Careerwave’s coaching extended beyond the managers who participated in the program.  Those managers became better at developing their teams, and the people who report to our participants also felt that the coaching benefited them.

Jaclyn Mack

Head of People and Culture at charity: water